The Bobby McGee's - The Bobby McGee's? Yes Please!

Anyone who ever listened to John Peel will be familiar with the "What the fuck?" moment; the jarring, almost self-consciously weird track that would leave you scratching your head. I'm sure Mr Peel would have loved The Bobby McGee's; it's probably no coincidence that one of his successor's, Rob Da Bank, played a tune from this EP last week, and, hitting me unexpectedly, my reaction was indeed "What the fuck?"

Musically, The Bobby McGee's trade in twee. Their weapons of aural assault never rise above the ferocity of a banjo or an accordion. This is presumably so as you can hear the words. Vocals are provided by an obviously Scottish bloke (we think he's called Jimmy) and a cutesy sounding female (we think she's called El). So far, so sweet, but the lyrical content is often not for prissy ears, the songs liberally dotted with "shit"s and "fuck"s.

A few listens, however, will reveal a band perhaps less odd than they think they are. The idea of the indie kid lacking in the friends and love life departments (as frequently portrayed here) is hardly new. In fact, Ivor Cutler is Dead goes so far as to mention The Smiths by name. References to books and foreign films follow. The track titles alone should give some sort of clue as to the type of person who will appreciate The Bobby McGee's the most, or perhaps they will be the type of person who spot the second hand aspects straight away.

That said, The Bobby McGee's play more for straight laughs than The Smiths or Belle and Sebastian, with the humour derived from delivery and swearing rather than dry wit. If your immediate reaction is not to stick your fingers in your ears, it's unlikely these six short tracks will go by without a good few chuckles.



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