The Black Tulips - We The Lonely Ones

Reputed tea-drinkers and English eccentrics. That's what it says on the press-release for The Black Tulips. Listening to this download only release, you can't quite imagine them sitting around in an English garden drinking tea and eating scream scones...

It's a dark, fuzzed up and dirtily produced effort that reminds me in equal measures of early Suede and more obvious Siouxsie And The Banshees; a kind of glammed up indie that isn't quite as 80's influenced as it may initially seem. Lead singer Alexandra has the ability to yowl in a manner that I don't think I've ever heard on record, it's a times high ranged and an almost squeaky and at other times it's so bassy that I'm not entirely convinced she's not being sick when she growls into the chorus. And that's not a bad thing by the way. Well worth a download and keeping an eye out for.

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out of 10
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