The Big Moon - Love in the 4th Dimension

The world seems to be suffering from a girl band shortage - it's rare to find a new group of girls making music that isn't aimed at preteens. The Big Moon are the UK's answer. They're a London four-piece founded back in 2014 by lead vocalist and album co-producer Juliette Jackson, their alternative style and knack for a catchy chorus landed them support slots with big names like The Maccabees and The Vaccines. Recently the group were tipped for success on a smattering of '2017 Ones To Watch' lists, this being the year they finally drop their debut after touring the tracks for the last couple of years. 'Love in the 4th Dimension' was recorded in a 12 day stretch at Eastcote studios last summer, the short time frame adds a sense of spontaneity to the record, there's simplicity but also an effervescence. The classic indie tones of the record are to be expected as other co-producer, Catherine Marks, is a woman responsible for works from indie royalty Foals and Wolf Alice.

The Big Moon have managed to perfectly marry melodic pop with grungy lo-fi rock, the repetitive choruses manage to escape the trap of being predictable and clichéd. Corny 'ooohs' are layered over thrashy guitar giving the music both an accessibility and an edge. A modern-day Elastica is a fair comparison, the resemblance most obvious when listening to the punkier tracks, notably 'Formidable' with its reverberating bass and dark throaty vocals. Jackson's lyrics aren't especially riveting but they don't need to be, they're light-hearted and down-to-earth, allowing for more focus on the music.

The record is somewhat of a mish-mash, clashing tones and tempos, but the chaos is what's consistent, there's still a sense of order and certain tracks are given pride of place. The hits taking centre-stage tend to be the singles released in the build-up and a couple of re-recordings of older tunes like 'Sucker'. The stand-out track is without doubt 'Cupid' - the archetypal Big Moon song - sultry lo-fi vocals over playful guitar riffs with an all-guns-blazing chorus that'll be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future.

The Big Moon are a very refreshing presence on the UK music scene, they may not be revolutionary but they're something fun and different and 'Love in the 4th Dimension' is a well-executed debut.


An impressive and unique debut that shines through the swarms of new releases.


out of 10
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