The 5,6,7,8's - I'm Blue

It would be shame if 'I'm Blue' weren’t as big a hit as 'Woo Hoo' for the current darlings of the Japanese Garage rock scene because it's a far better song. It's a gloriously fast rockabilly tinged romp that doesn't sound especially blue at all. No, it sounds like an explosion in a drum factory with a soundtrack provided by the devil himself. Fire tinged guitars and rasping Japanese vocals. It's a great song and, more importantly, unlike Woo-Hoo, you won't want to kill yourself after hearing it more than a few times.

It's even backed by a b-side better than the a-side. 'I'm A Wild One' instantly brings to mind hot rock 'n' roll nights of the like no-one has probably ever experienced outside the movies. And it shows off what a great guitar player Yoshiko Fujiyama is. It's got a great sense of movement, and an understanding of the genre they're messing about with. On the strengths of this, the new album that's due out on 27th September (Teenage Mojo Workout) should, hopefully prove them to be more than one hit wonders.

The single comes complete with some videos of the band shot in London in 2001, which are as chaotic as you might expect.



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