Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle (Spank Rock Remix)

They bid farewell to their devoted army of fans just two months ago, playing their final gig at London's Astoria on April 22, and yet here we have another release from those kerazy Test Icicles. The band's debut (and only) album was acclaimed for its fusion of genres, blending funk with punk and throwing in some thrash metal for good measure. The original version of Circle Square Triangle perhaps showcases this mish-mash more so than any other track on the album. Remixing it seems like the logical (read: absurd - but in a good way) next step.

A spiky intro layers percussion with snatches of the original's Bloc Party-esque scratchy guitar. Use of a vocoder during the verses adds a Daft Punk-style techno effect to the vocal. However, the mix is most impressive during the 'we could do with some more poison' refrain when emphatic drums add weight to the soundscape and squelchy rave synths kick in.

Overall, if you weren't a Test Icicles fan before then I doubt this will sway your opinion. However, those mourning the demise of the band will surely dance and shout upon hearing this.



out of 10
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