Test-icicles - Boa Vs Python

Test-icicles. Did you see what they did there? It might not be the best name in the world, and, to be honest, the debut single from this three piece hardly breaks new ground. Boa Vs Python is in the riotous punk-pop vein, packing more angular guitar and shouty vocals than you can wiggle your snake at into its three-minute running time. Still reading? There's no denying the track has energy in spades - so much so the band sound like they may die of exhaustion, or at least puke, by the end -, but ultimately it's closer to the cartoony Bis than Bloc Party.

Upcoming gigs …

25/07/05 MIDDLESBROUGH - Club NME at Empire
26/07/05  BIRMINGHAM - Club Night at the Custard Factory
28/07/05  NOTTINGHAM - Club NME at Stealth
29/07/05 LIVERPOOL - Club Ping Pong at Barfly
30/07/05 GLASGOW - Death Kill 4000 at Barfly
04/08/05 LONDON - Barden's Boudoir
05/08/05 CARDIFF - Barfly
06/05/05  LEEDS – Faverhsam



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