Tesla Boy - Tesla Boy EP

My wife is very keen on ‘The Apprentice’ television program and although I can take it or leave it, I do have a very accurate method of predicting the poor saps order of firing by “Sir Alan”. That method is remarkably simple: if you work in branding you’re out!

An increasingly growing curse across the music industry is the idea that acts need to be "branded". Given identity, shaped and sculpted, adorned with trademark hats or sunglasses. And in no place has this been more evident than the world of pop. Alongside this is the desire by the media to pigeonhole everyone into a scene - then jump upon them before the final few bytes of their songs are even uploaded onto Myspace. I ask you, what is aquacrunk anyway?

So wouldn’t it be nice for a band to develop away from all this? Untouched by the fickle commercial world, allowed to develop without interference by soon-to-be-fired-by-Sir Alan branding consultants? I have been waiting patiently for a band such as this. But whilst I had my beady eyes set upon them coming from Saturn, I was outflanked by their arrival from Russia. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the finest pop group in the world today: Tesla Boy!

It’s as if all the greatest bands of the eighties have been distilled and then filtered into these three extraordinary talented individuals. Killer hooks? Check! Wailing synths? Check! Hedonistic lyrics? Check! Flawless song writing? Check-a-rooney! The five tracks here, all sung in English, are pure-pop-perfection. You’d be doing yourself a massive disservice to not purchase this. I’ve had it in my car for some time and every single person that travels with me asks who they are and wants to know more about them.

My favourite track is always the one that’s playing - that is until the next one starts, and then the love affair starts all over again. ‘Runaway Man’ with its surf-pop vocals and chiming layered melodies doesn’t put a single foot wrong. Eighties dance-moves, long thought forgotten, pulse through my muscle memory as ‘Spirit Of The Night’ leads me through wet neon lit streets in baggy chinos. Their trajectory is punched in for mega-stardom, their secret weapon is the most infectious collection of tamper-proof pop magic.




out of 10
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