Tera Melos - Patagonian Rats

Patagonian Rats sure has been a long time coming. Despite being around for six years, this is only Tera Melos' second full length (not including the Drugs/Complex EP compilation). Despite being lumped into the whole ‘math-rock’ crowd, these guys provide something a little more exciting and fans of the band have been salivating at the prospect of some new material.

When the clattering drums and reverb drenched vocals come in on ‘Kelly’ everything seems to be a little too straightforward for a Tera Melos song, but all those thoughts dissipate once the stop-start rhythms of ‘The Skin Surf’ follow. Sounding like an even more complex and experimental At-The Drive In, there’s a definite melodic edge working here which a lot of their contemporaries lack. Towards the middle of the album the band hit us with probably one of the best tracks they’ve ever written in the shape of ‘Trident Tail’. Starting with Animal Collective-esque electronics, this is a manic trip through discordant guitar freak-outs and even a dark and moody sax outro.

Every track seems to fall in and out of a regular flow, constantly morphing into something new and exciting till returning to a familiar theme or melody, best exemplified in the three short minutes that are ‘Skywatch’, Nick Reinhart proving to be something of a guitar/keyboard wizard. On ‘Party With Gina’ it almost sounds as though the drums are trying to keep up with - and out do - the guitar, reminiscent of bands like The Fall of Troy.

Patagonian Rats is a storming, and long overdue, return from Tera Melos. Now if they could only make it over to British shores...



out of 10
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