Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny

Tenacious D, the comedy metal act from Jack Black, return with the soundtrack to the film about the band who made an album. Now, I've not seen the film so I can't comment on that (probably best to pop over to our sister site, DVD Times, for that kind of thing), but I hope it's better than the soundtrack.

Where their debut bristled with comedic lyrics and catchy riffs, The Pick Of Destiny comes across as a parody of a parody. The music is worse than a college rock band (the band from "School Of Rock" sounded better than some of the pieces on here) and the lyrics tend towards the "comedy" of using plenty of swear words rather than something that's actually funny.

There are a couple of tracks on here though that hark back to their debuts originality, Kikapoo has some quality Meat Loaf moments, but there's still a little too much pointless swearing for it to really work for me, though they nicely rip off the Stones half way through. The title track POD is also a quality trash rock song which pretty much gives away the story of the film! The only other track that raised a smile was Beezleboss - a "rock-off" riff showdown between Tenacious D and the devil (played by Dave Grohl) which is very silly but can't help but raise a giggle.

Otherwise it just doesn't quite work. Sure, if you find excessive use of the words "cock" and "fuck" funny, this is right up your street. Those wanting something akin to the debut or something a little cleverer will want to look elsewhere. Maybe Tenacious D is a joke that's gone a little too far.



out of 10
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