Temposhark - Invisible Ink/ Little White Lie

Two singles on this release, one being subtle yet powerful the other stylish yet naughty. Which single shines prouder than the other is like comparing an apple to a pear where one may delve in slick nuances and intelligent beats the other has a greater hook and attitude to make the dance floor sparkle.

Invisible Ink struts with Depeche Mode minimal electro, glides in subtle beats and entwines in softly sung poignant verses – it’s something to beguile the soul into a post party slumber or awaken the senses to something lonely but peaceful.

Little White Lie is a dark and cheeky stomper with clever hooks and intelligent twists musically and lyrically to have the biggest puritan cheer for evil. Temposhark’s too-cool-to-care attitude comes to the fore here with elegant results.

With B Sides likely to echo the dance hall at 4am and induce drooling trances with cutting style, these remixes round off the double A-Sided single to make a complete piece of work that can be thought of as an electro oeuvre and send Temposhark off onto a fulfilling dance floor filling career.



out of 10
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