Teitur - Let The Dog Drive Home

Is having a strong sense of musicianship and an easy going charm enough to win over an audience and deliver a compelling album? Teitur, a singer songwriter hailing from the Faroe Islands poses this question with his latest album Let The Dog Drive Home. In Faroese, a rough translation of “middle of the road” is “miðja av alt vegur”. There are plenty of multi-million selling albums that live in this musical territory. So will Teitur reach such heights with his latest release?

Since being originally signed by Universal in 2002 Teitur has built up a reputation in the industry as a singer-songwriter producing his own albums and contributing material to artists such as Corrine Bailey Rae. His cause has been championed by a number of MOR stalwarts and has been invited to support Aimiee Mann, KT Tunstall and John Mayer on tour. Let The Dog Drive Home is an album of lyrical platitudes served up on lush musical backdrops. New loves, lost loves, childhood aspirations and possible drunken regret all get a workout. The emptiness of the lyrics combined with the gentle richness in the music may cause the listener to drift through the album. There’s nothing going to grab your attention here but then again, this could be what the dinner parties of the world need to back drop the serving of hors d'oeuvres. Only time and strong marketing will tell.

This is a highly polished middle of the road masterpiece and for many it will prove a welcome addition to their collections. Others though, will be left to conclude that perhaps Teitur should have left the dog to sticking its head out of the window and instead driven himself and us to a new and interesting destination.



out of 10

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