Techno Squirrels - Plastic Makes It Possible

Swedish-American duo Techno Squirrels are only half what you'd expect from the name. Their debut album Plastic Makes It Possible is generally more electronic pop than hardcore dance.

And it's when they stick to the lower tempo stuff that they yield the best results. Vocalist Lisa Eriksson does dreamy well. The mix of strings and squidgy beats on Ecstatic are, at a slight stretch of the imagination, reminiscent of Homogenic period Bjork, while Lightbulb finds her backed just by acoustic guitar. Unbelievable sticks with the dreamy vocal, but successfully ups the BPM to briefly bring to mind Blue Pearl's Naked in the Rain.

Unfortunately, at the harder end of the spectrum, they are less convincing. Music is my Drug (groan) and Hurt Me seemingly exist in a bubble where people still go to "raves", sounding like very average early to mid 90s dance tunes. During the latter, I half expected a shout of "Encore une fois!"

Although Techno Squirrels do have a certain gift for melody and hooks, Plastic Makes It Possible feels somewhat disposable and dated.



out of 10
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