Tap Tap - On My Way

Here we are in 2009 and it’s yet another wet English summer. The ‘Barbeque August’ the Met office predicted seems to be exclusively for ducks. Yet through my letterbox drops a little ray of sunshine in the shape of the new album from Tap Tap.

On My Way is the second album by Pete and the Pirates singer Tom Sanders, a jangly folk selection box of quintessentially English songs that thankfully avoids being “hey nonny” in any way, shape or form. Recorded over the last 2 years and loosely themed around the experiences of touring, his lyrics adeptly tell stories of life on the road.

From start to finish On My Way has timeless songwriting that could almost come from any era. ‘Half Moon Street’ was immediately dragged into my “Happy Sunny Funtime” i-Tunes playlist alongside legends like Neil Young and Bob Dylan. It’s the strongest track on the album and one I kept coming back to. Tom’s delivery is adorable, his annunciation is perfect, his voice is pure yet fragile, honest and witty. Harmonies flow effortlessly through every song. ‘Star Crossed Idiots’, with its melancholy Merseybeat-esque arrangement is a highlight. ‘Dirty Sky’ has me searching for a straw hat and a cider refresher. ‘Codine’ is a love song to everyone’s favourite over-the-counter opiate.

This is an ideal album to relax with in your garden on a sunny afternoon, allowing you to drift off after overindulging on the Pimms and cucumber sandwiches. That said, it’s also an engaging experience that deserves more than to be played purely as background music. With several moments that will make you smile, maybe even chuckle it can be recommended, come rain or shine.



out of 10
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