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Since we interviewed taffy a short while back there’s been no shortage of media coverage about them elsewhere. The constant namedropping of bands like Elastica, Echobelly, Blur, Teenage Fanclub, Sleeper and so on has admittedly become a little stale, although not entirely unwarranted. Truth be told taffy isn’t the first of its kind to come out of Japan - the 90s were full of like-minded artists, with brilliant Shoegaze performers such as Paint in Watercolour (think The Stone Roses-lite), Sugar Plant and Loco-Holidays keeping the subgenres alive and well.

It seemed inevitable that the sound would naturally rub off on various up and comers, as we’ve seen in younger groups like Lucy’s Drive and taffy. It’s just that for whatever reason taffy have found themselves in a situation which may turn them into one of the more lucrative artists in their field. If Caramel Sunset is anything to go by then they deserve every penny they get.

Without harping on too much about whoever they sound like, Caramel Sunset simply is what it is, and that’s a lovely throwback to a scene which kind of faded too soon. Perhaps the timing may be perfect for them now, what with the approaching summer months as Club AC30 pushes them heavily onto UK shores. Featuring a multi-layered tracklist of glorious retro 'gazing, our Tokyo friends’ debut is the kind of thing that calls out to be played to large numbers of people. Sure it’s great to recline to with its warm, fuzzy guitars next to Iris’s uplifting (yet at times solemn) vocals but it’s quite clearly more of a celebratory piece that feels like it has grander designs.

Say what you will, whether they’re stuck in a time warp or are heralding a major comeback, taffy look like they’re here to stay for quite some time, and we’re certainly not going to turn them away.



out of 10

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