Swayzak - Some Other Country

What do you expect from a duo whose name was inspired by Patrick Swayze? Redneck country rock? Awful power ballads? Gay disco? Well, no to all of those. Some Other Country, Swayzak's fifth album (excuse me if I hadn't heard of them until now), is adequately described in the press release as "dub techno", although it also includes definite elements of minimal. Their spacey, atmospheric approach sits alongside the likes of Booka Shade, Trentemøller and Isolée.

Slightly androgynous vocals contrast well with the darker vibes of the music on Quiet Life and Smile and Receive. They, in fact, belong to female producer and DJ, Cassy. However, on No Sad Goodbyes, the moody vocals (courtesy of one Richard Davis) are in keeping with the ultra moody electronics, all rippling synths and deep bass. Elsewhere, the hypnotic So Cheap is reminiscent of Underworld; Claktronic brings some temporary relief with a playful, jazz world feel (and a childlike voice); and They Return indeed puts the dub in "dub techno".

If Some Other Country fails to wring out any new sounds, it should still be of interest to those who appreciate the seductive qualities of deep, dark dance music.

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