SUMO - The Danceband

The Danceband is like an assorted music box of chocolates without the one that you don’t like. The album weaves a colourful musical tapestry packed with intricate percussion, energetic drums, beautiful warm melodies and magnificent voices.

SUMO pays tribute to dance in all its forms. Lovebeat is great funky house with lovely vocals, the excellent Tribute is a triumphant jazz arrangement, Esperanca successfully blends hip-hop beats with distinctly Latin vibes and Unlove Me sounds like a garage track with class.

I could go on, as every song is a delight to listen to. The record effortlessly spans music genres, eras (Tribute is classic 60s jazz with a modern twist, Factory is acid 80s pop and Lovebeat is early 90s house) and even languages (Spanish, Swedish and English).

It’s an outstanding debut from the acclaimed duo.




out of 10
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