Sugarcult - Memory

Sugercult's single, Memory is taken from the forthcoming album, Palm Trees and Power Lines (pictured), and on the strength of this, its probably safe to say there's little to look forward to there. There's nothing wrong with the single at all, but nor is there anything to get wildly exited about. Indeed, it’s hard to concentrate on it for the duration as it seems determined to slip quietly away into the background. It has the standard verse/chorus structure and lyrics about some sort of love affair that might or might not 'make it', whatever that means. Fans of 'Busted' might do well here; its production line pop/rock with a production that has polished the song away to almost nothing.

Strangely, Blackout is almost exactly the same, only with slightly different chords but almost exactly the same lyrics. Then the whole thing finishes off with an acoustic version of Memory, giving you the impression that you have listened to one nine minute song that turns all acoustic about a third of the way through. Its catchy enough after a few listens, and will probably do well on MTV, but that's not a recommendation, unless you really like pop/rock and can’t live without another ballad.

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