Steve Cradock - The Kundalini Target

What's surprising about Steve Cradock's first solo album is not how dull it is but that it stops short of giving you a strong urge to hit the stop button.

From the word go, The Kundalini Target drips with the sort of dewy-eyed 60s nostalgia you'd expect from the Ocean Colour Scene front man. (Whilst simultaneously shocking you that people still make records like this in 2009.) Needless to say, it should go down well with aging mods (and members of Oasis), critical faculties blinded to any record with Paul Weller on it. Which, of course, he is. Those looking for an equivalent riff to The Riverboat Song will be disappointed, however. Big riffs have been dropped in favour of more intimate, acoustic arrangements, tracks that seem like vignettes. Even the album's length, 30 minutes, feels quaint as a cobbled street (or merciful, depending on your point of view).

Despite the air of dreariness and wearing commitment to everything retro, The Kundalini Target is well crafted and undoubtedly very personal; songs reference kids, family, God. He and his wife even sing "love, love, love, love, love, love…" together on The Apple. In this cosy, complete little world, one imagines Steve Cradock doesn't care what us cynical critics, who only wish he was related to Fanny Cradock so as we could cram in a crude joke, think.



out of 10
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