Steve Adey - Everything In its Right Place/Burning Fields

Adey’s sparse, sombre approach continues to compel. The debut album ‘All Things Real, released in 2006, is a marvel. Disquieting, intelligent and soulful, its torch songs burn bright. Adey’s delicate arrangements – piano, gentle arpeggios, minimal percussion, perfectly grafted female harmony – recall mavericks like Tindersticks and Scott Walker. A song simply called ‘Mary Margaret O’Hara’ should be temptation enough for the curious. For his new release he’s stripped back Radiohead’s ‘Everything In its Right Place’ to just voice and quivering acoustic guitar. Like his album version of Dylan’s 'Shelter From the Storm’, it fulfils the standard requirement for a worthy cover; it is clearly still the song it once was but infused with enough of a twist from its new owner to justify the effort. Adey’s vocals do fit the song; strangely, they mirror, to a degree, Thom Yorke’s reedy original. New track, ‘Burning Fields’, with its chiming electric guitar, is similarly hushed and essential. Trust me – this beautiful, demanding music, you need it.




out of 10
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