Stephen Malkmus - Face the Truth

Stephen Malkmus' third solo album sticks, as you might expect, to the mode of alternative guitar-pop. Face the Truth is generally low-key with a twiddly, experimental edge. Kicking off proceedings with fuzzy guitar and a sometimes falsetto vocal, Pencil Rot recalls Beck; later on come the oddball electronics of Kindling For The Master. However, it's the simple, laidback moments that work best. The mournful, country-tinged Freeze The Saints stands out in particular, and is perhaps the most relatable to the music of fan, Graham Coxon. If you're not looking for anything too attention-grabbing, this is a solid enough record.

Audio streams:
Pencil Rot
Loud, Cloud, Cloud
Kindling For The Master
Baby C'Mon



out of 10
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