St Vincent - Masseduction

You might think there's nowhere for Annie Clark to go now. She's made a jazz-ish album with David Byrne, moved into the critical mainstream with 2014's self-titled album, got noticed by tabloid press from her relationships with Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart, and has been both platinum blonde and dark brunette with equal success. Phew.

Anyhow, St Vincent has found somewhere to go, onwards. With Masseduction she's simply carrying on developing her sound and lyrics to an ever more pure end. Forget everything else, she'd want you to, and immerse yourself in St Vincent's world. With the repetitively ear-wormy 'Pills' to the 80s electronic buzz of 'Los Ageless' with its reminders of peak-Madonna in its breathless swagger. To switch from that overload of sonics to the simple beauty of 'Happy Birthday, Johnny' shows an agility that few artist can truly pull off. At times bewildering, but always enjoyable, Masseduction confirms St Vincent as one of music's truly unique artists.


Noisy, quiet, personal, public. Quite brilliant.



out of 10
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