Solu Music Feat. Kai Martin - Let It Flow/Tenement

Riding hot off the heels of the superb remixes of their anthem Fade, US darlings of the deep and delicious, Solu Music unveil two brand new masterpieces. This new two track single features Let It Flow with the beautiful voice of Kai Martin and the instrumental outing Tenement. Let It Flow is a deep percussive affair seamlessly remixed by Frenchman DJ Fudge, who serves up an afro-tinged house groove packed with gentle key washes and a punchy synth bass riding under Kai's heartfelt vocal. There's also a tasty DJ Fudge dub - a stunning deep affair laced with percussion and dreamy synthscapes for those who prefer a minimal approach. Flipping the script is an instrumental belter titled Tenement, which is a slice of chunky house heaven rammed to the rafters with steel pan hooks, a large injection of hammond slaying drama deemed to kick some serious dancefloor butt this summer!



out of 10
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