Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

The behemoth that is Snow Patrol continues to rumble on, racking up mammoth album sales both here and overseas. Chasing Cars has been hailed in some quarters as a modern classic, Eyes Open passing the million sales mark in the US ahead of a tour in the Spring. And looking back at my album review, it would seem that I was a more than a little enthusiastic about this particular song.

Well, my opinion is relatively unchanged - I still think that this is a fine song, powerful and evocative, despite the monotonous strum that carries it through. The radio edit of the single has extra shimmer on the guitars and a few cheeky cuts here and there, but the core of the song remains powerful and nothing that will damage their progress towards becoming one of the biggest bands on the planet. The danger of course is that the next album will be a ponderous piece from the Simple Minds school of song writing. Lets hope Lightbody raises his game up a notch away from the heavy epics when album number five comes around.



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