Smujji - K.O.

A year...a year is what it took Smujji to get to where he is now. "I tried to forget about music but it got to the point when I couldn't watch TV or listen to the radio cos I'd get so frustrated...So I decided to dedicate a year to singing and really give it my all." Smujji took a year and this is as good as it gets?

But read those first six words again -"I tried to forget about music" - and yet there's hope that Smujji might think about giving it all up all over again.

Sounding something like Usher but with an unnecessary dance feel to his r'n'b, this is too light to have much impact. No matter than Smujji says, "My album is gonna be rebellious", I doubt that it would trouble even a closed order of monks who'd bat away it's slim grooves before morning mass.



out of 10
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