Slayer – The Repentless Killogy

Where do you begin with the mighty thrash juggernaut that is Slayer. A band who started the 80’s with their blend of murderous thrash, darker than Metallica, groovier than Metallica and more focused than Anthrax, out of the Big 4, Slayer portrayed themselves as the most, well, evil. If you looked a little bit closer though you could see that the four men that made up the whole were simply artists who wanted to bang their heads and tell us about the evils of the world, and not actually be evil themselves.

So here we are all these years later and the end of all things, Slayer have decided to hang up their pentagrams, their chains and nail gauntlets. Continuing the media narrative from the release of their latest album Repentless released in 2015 we get one last throw of the dice as the curtain comes down on their career. Out now is the package entitled The Repentless Killogy a short-form narrative film starring the greatest of the low budget horror scene and a concert filmed in 2017 on their last tour which winds forever in a few weeks.

The short film running at half-hour or so integrates the three music videos from the album, the title track, ‘You Against You’ and the brilliantly titled ‘Pride In Prejudice’, into a short film with a character who ultimately tries to kill the band. The film as a whole looks impressive, the sun-soaked desert where a cross is erected gives the sheen of a Michael Bay film and the narrative (mostly silent) reminds of the noise and punk attitude of anything Rob Zombie has directed in the last decade or so. In terms of the film as a whole, with its gore-drenched visuals and penchant for a slow reveal the film is a B-Movie en devour at best. When you only have things like Metallica‘s Through The Never as a comparison it doesn’t have much of a chance. A good effort but the best is yet to come…

The last 90 minutes of this package is where the fans really get their monies worth. Whether you’re a dyed in the wool or a casual listener (is there such a thing?) the live setting is where Slayer really hold their own. Having seen the set with my own eyes back in 2018 (my eyebrows have only just grown back) the presentation here really immerses the viewer into the concert like no other. With unprecedented access to the stage, we get to feel every drum smash, every pyro blast and get a close up look at the shit-eating grin towering frontman Tom Araya beams into the audience. After nearly 40 years the band go out near enough at the top of their game. A band that no one will forget, a band that brought a devilish grin to the thrash scene and one where in arenas and festivals around the world fans of this band will rejoice in with the cry of SLLLLLAAAAAYYEERRRR! May they rain in blood forever!


Updated: Nov 24, 2019

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