Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any...

With a title such as the one on Simple Plan’s sophomore album, Still Not Getting Any... it is safe to assume that it is an album for boys, because to be honest, I don’t really care if they’re “not getting any”... I’m too tired…

But with the gender squabbles aside, Simple Plan have done what they do best. It is a polished punk pop album, made, purposely or not, to be perfect as background music to surfing and skate board videos alike.

Still Not Getting Any... drifts through influences from Good Charlotte to Blink 182 to Busted from track to track, but all in all, it sits pleasantly in the sunshiny California punk genre that is loved the world over.

However, tracks, Welcome to My Life, Crazy and Perfect World have lyrics dealing with the angst of teenagers that an adult would rather forget. Simple Plan, here, seem to have taken set backs to an extreme, which can be uncomfortable to listen to.

Yet, the instrumentation in the production is flawless, due to the long time Metallica producer, Bob Rock having his way, which helps make Simple Plan an easy listen.

But with a title such as Still Not Getting Any..., having California punk styling and being suitable skate board videos, this album is definitely a boy’s day out.



out of 10
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