Sigur Ros - Takk

You’d hesitate to use the words ‘instant classic’ ordinarily, but this is one instance where you might well be justified. Sigur Ros’ Takk starts as it means to go on…a drone, somewhat reminiscent of an orchestra warming up with ominous keyboard riffs hovering over the top, then – silence – a bass line and, well, by this time you’re probably totally hooked. There’s times when it manages to totally surprise the listener, with tracks morphing into unusual directions with ease and, if you’re prepared to give it its due, this is an album that can easily be digested in one sitting. Indeed, when something has been this carefully crafted, to break it into tracks seems like a crime.

This is the sound of a band totally at ease with what they’re doing and what they’re doing is creating massive soundstages that are at once solidly rooted in a firm sense of melody and rhythm but at the same time capable of reaching enormous heights. This is a lovely, sliver of light of an album, but one that might prove to cloying for some; its high pitched ethereality is both its strength and its downfall. Its ‘glockenspiel rock’ won’t convert anyone who hasn’t warmed to their charms already but, having said that, this is far more accessible than their last effort ( ) and should provide a suitable and valuable introduction to their weird and wonderful world of sounds and shapes. Introduce it into your home today and let it pour from your speakers. Lovely.




out of 10
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