Shy Child - Liquid Love

Shy Child are all set to reclaim the indie crown that’s rightfully theirs, doing us all a favour and saving it from future Ke$ha wannabes. The duo’s latest musical offering is true to its electronic-experimental roots, featuring keytar-tastic tracks that you can either dance or chill to, or, if you’re supple, do both together. As long as you prepare your ears for drowning in a sea of metallic purple waves, then you’re ready to let their Liquid Love penetrate into the womb of your mind...

The title track opens the album and sets it up to be a psychedelic warp-fest, complete with vocals reminiscent of MGMT and keyboard skills that would make Calvin Harris turn green. There’s more to this new record though than just the arranging of chords and keys; Shy Child are tapping into the next generation of music that doesn’t indulge itself in being labelled and put into a box named ‘Indie/experimental’. Instead, this New York twosome is producing a sound that keeps to its electro foundations, but isn’t scared to build anything on top of them. Put it this way, in iTunes their genre is defaulted to ‘Unclassifiable’.

This musical mastery is also evident in the second track, their latest single, ‘Disconnected’, which flirts with the beats of the 80s and brings it right up to date with its heavy drum bass and space-age rhythms. Its technicoloured keytar stutterings create a hypnotic sense of motion, and oh boy does the chorus stick in your head! The next stand-out track, ‘The Beatles’ for some strange reason reminds me of the board game Tri 3D (feel free to Google it at any point), with its multi-layered structure and futuristic appearance, it could easily become the soundtrack to the first, er, next moon landing. ‘Open up the Sky’ then takes the album to a more oxygenated place where the oscillator is used to the max. The melody is hidden in the background with a much larger emphasis given to the thumping bass, providing a darker edge to the shimmering metallic rainbow the album seems to have fallen from.

It's fair to say that Shy Child have certainly hit an oil mine rich in pure musical goodness with Liquid Love, perfecting the mix of electronic beats and synthesised melodies with smooth, yet euphoric vocals. It’s this accomplished combination that is booking the duo onto the next train to electro-ville. Population: tbc.



out of 10

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