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Brooding melodic pop tunes, with such self-assurance laced amongst them. Shaefri has shaken her genre up and provided a rather grown-up twist. Latest EP Girl incorporates several instruments throughout. Creating an array of different sounds, with gorgeous variances in her vocal pitches to compliment. The overall result is a collection of rich, full-bodied tracks, with equally as much depth conveyed lyrically. 

We really do witness Shaefri’s transition into womanhood through this EP. It is clear to hear how her sound has bloomed and adapted. Moody tones now blend with a sassy confidence, to present tracks that are both empowering and uplifting. Yet, Shaefri can hold a tenderness within her music, through an admirable ability to touch upon delicate subjects with such grace. Her music exudes anthems of independence, finding yourself and avoiding toxicity. Whilst still recognising those stumbles and mistakes we all make, as a part of being human and learning. Allowing room for growth, but also firm encouragement, means that Girl will be an EP to surely resonate with many listeners. 

The standout favourite from this five-track EP is Say You’ll Be There. The track is an ode to support networks for mental health. Addressing feelings of anxiety and depression, but also shedding light on the help that is available. It is a softer track, that really highlights a gentler side to Shaefri’s vocals. When set against bolder tracks such as Kerosene; Shaefri has effectively contrasted a soothing nature with the more outspoken and unapologetic elements of her music. Kerosene tackles social issues, by navigating around the intimacies of relationships and the problems that can be faced within them. A boldness thrives wonderfully, stemming from Shaefri’s brilliant ‘no-holding-back’ lyrical approach. 

A sophomore EP that shines. Girl is in many ways a love letter to Shaefri herself, with such personal sentiment. Although, maybe even more adoringly so, her latest EP is a love letter to her listeners. A gift of music that is so caring and nurturing, yet also able to provide us with a much-needed power and strength, which we can harness just by listening.

With feminist ferocity, brooding musical build-ups and swirling pop-synths. Shaefri has established herself as a glorious emerging pop icon.  

Girl EP is available to stream on all platforms now via Off The Record

You can follow Shaefri on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Updated: Jul 06, 2020

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