Scissors for Lefty - Ghetto Ways

It's not an exagerration to say that 2006 has seen more guitar bands lording over Planet Pop than any other year of this millennium so far. Scissors for Lefty are yet another shiny and new group of lads with stars in their eyes, labelmates to The Strokes and other such examples of high-ranking indie royalty. Descending from San Francisco, the band's Ghetto Ways is their first UK release - the question is, is it any good?

Well, yes, it is quite. Despite the fact it sounds like an amalgamation of indie-pop both past and present, it pushes all the right buttons and certainly wouldn't sound out of place on a Saturday night at even the coolest indie disco. The catchy synth line and guitar riffs are straight out of the Hot Hot Heat 'hit single' cookbook, and lead singer Bryan Garza's voice conjures up images of a Jarvis Cocker for the OC generation. The B-sides are just as promising, both offering something a bit more wistful. Save it Cory is gorgeous shimmery pop to accompany July sunsets whereas Marsha riffs on The Beautiful South, belonging to that sub-sub-genre of songs that base their choruses around a list of various girl's names. Sounding like a clash between Nerf Herder and Modest Mouse, it is better than the lead single and points toward a band that could very well make good on their promise by the end of this year.

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