Savage Messiah - Hands of Fate

Thrash metal has been around for the best part of 35 years and numerous bands in the scene have been and gone but some have outgrown its roots. The likes of the so called 'Big Four', Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and the big daddy of them all, Metallica. Over the years, British bands such as Bullet For My Valentine have dipped their toe into the water and tried to cause a disturbance. After a decade together and a fairly steady line-up, the London based quartet, Savage Messiah have unleashed their fourth album 'Hands of Fate'.

As a whole there isn't anything original or new but being the well-worn road hogs they are the musicianship is highly accomplished. One aspect of metal that can help a band cross over is groove. Tracks that are drenched in groove include 'Solar Corona' and especially the title track which sounds like a Jon Bon Jovi fronted Metallica.

Metal has its detractors, mostly people thinking its all about devils and darkness but Savage Messiah have bucked the trend in two way here. Firstly, the artwork, a minimal effort that catches the eye a lot better than the typical covers of old with blood and gore. And secondly, the production. Where production may not have been high on the agenda previously, here you can see that it's top of the to-do list. Rather than sounding like it's been recorded in a tin can, Hands Of Fate feels clean, crisp and expansive. It's a call to arms, a shot across the bow to the UK metal scene, all we need now is a headlining UK tour all of their own.


An accomplished record from the road veterans Savage Messiah. No musical surprises, just a solid well produced UK thrash record.


out of 10


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