Sarah McLachlan - World On Fire

As the founder of Lillith Fair - the all-female tour that crossed the US for four years running and saw Missy Elliot, Liz Phair and Natalie Merchant greeting Cleveland from the same stage over an evening - Sarah McLachlan has both much to answer for, both from those who accuse her of giving soporific female folk a greater presence than it deserves as well as loosely tying various musicians into a modern feminism that mostly played to the coverted.

With her latest album, Afterglow, Sarah McLachlan has recorded the kind of music one would expect from the founder of Lillith Fair - sensitive folk/rock from a singer/songwriter who hides the meanings of her songs behind delicate arrangements and vivid imagery. Despite the reputation that precedes her, there isn't that clear a difference between World On Fire and Dido's Life For Rent, which could either be a high recommendation or a warning that this single and doubtless the album it came from is from the gentle, untroubling end of folk.



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