Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage DVD

Sit around with your friends one evening and discuss the biggest and best bands of all time and chances are that the Canadian rock legends Rush will not feature anywhere in the discussion. That is quite astonishing considering that they have been in the business for over forty years, have sold untold millions of records and have been selling out arenas worldwide since the early 1980s. You could probably say they are the world’s biggest cult band.

All of these points, and more, are made in Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, a rivetting documentary that charts the history of a band that should appeal to both fans and non-fans alike. Starting, as any good history should, at the beginning, the film takes us through the formation of the band through the triumphs and tragedies that would befall them to the current day as they make plans to record a new album (due for release in 2011). Fusing together superb archive footage, stunning live performances and interviews with obsessive fans, famous fans and, of course, the band themselves, Beyond The Lighted Stage gives us a brilliant insight into the life a famous rock band leads as it gradually builds its way to global stardom.

If that wasn’t enough for you the bonus disc adds as selection of footage that didn’t make it in to the final film. This generally just expands on certain scenes but, in some cases, adds whole new elements to and already fascinating story, with the uncomfortable look on the manager’s face as they discuss Geddy Lee’s firing in the early days of the band being a particular highlight. There are also eight live videos with the footage from 1974, featuring original drummer John Rutsey, being particularly interesting.

It may not win you over to the music of Rush but, if you have any interest in rock music, then Beyond The Lighted Stage is essential viewing.



out of 10
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