Rufus Wainwright - Crumb By Crumb

It was hard to see what the fuss was about when critics, DJs et al were singing the Canadian’s praises, calling him a genius at every turn.

With lack of commercial airplay, but popping up in obscure documentaries about Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright has always appeared as someone to discover, to become moved by or to compel me onto the credibility pointing bandwagon and sing his praises like everyone else.

However, the airwaves are now covered with Wainwright’s clever and inspired folk strummings with the release of Crumb By Crumb. It’s clear that Wainwright is a musical force and not someone to hide in cool indie shadows forever.

Crumb By Crumb steps back in time and Wainwright is a 1940s radio star crooning his way into something more unique than what is expected from a man with a guitar. This singer songwriter takes us to a wondrous journey as he works his chorus about the Big Black Forest to emotive highs.

Rufus Wainwright is indeed a man who has mastered his craft.




out of 10
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