Rubylux - Fake Control

Nowadays, the odds of finding a band whose songwriting ability outperforms their image is about as rare as a steak that’s still mooing. There is, however, one stallion of a specimen who might just be able to breed back the endangered species of alternative pop talent. Its name is Rubylux, a creature born from the shores of Brighton in the guise of four blue-eyed boys, all refreshingly without a ‘Plaid-Land’ loyalty card, and no sight of those ‘down with the kids’ haircuts. Instead, they’ve honed three years of wordsmithing and gigging to produce Fake Control, their debut album that is awash with pebble-dashed tunes which swoon all the vocals of The Feeling with the panache found in the ditties of a certain Irish alt-rock trio, but not as Script-ed.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll find a distinct lack of growers on the album, the main reason being that all of the tracks have already been nurtured into full bloom. In fact, it’s safe to say that Rubylux have produced the cream of the crop where the alternative field’s concerned. Tracks such as ‘Heart Made By Machines’, ‘Gold Rush’, and ‘Westminster’ use petticoat layering to provide a rigid structure whilst still maintaining the protection of the delicate melodic underbelly hidden underneath. Rob’s vocals then attempt to soften every drum blow, sending your ears up to heaven and back in the process. The lullaby lyrics, such as “only the dreamer knows that life is not the world you see” in stand-out debut track ‘The Boy Could Fly’, take you on a symphonic journey through the twist and turns of every emotion. It’s truly the stuff dreams are made of.

Fake Control produces sounds as delicate as a dragonfly’s wings, but does so with all the head-tapping and vigour of a greater-spotted woodpecker. It uses the harmonies seen by OneRepublic, but does so with Brit-pop gusto that takes subtlety by the throat and gives it a good thwack. It is an album that soothes every aspect of the soul, and one that pharmacies should really consider prescribing as the remedy to any heartache.



out of 10

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