Roy Orbison - Platinum Collection

Easily one of the most recognisable voices in the world, Roy Orbison has left behind a wealthy legacy of fine vocal work that has seen compilation after compilation churned out by the industry. Orbison died over fifteen years ago, and yet we are still treated to constant revisits to the Roy Orbison brand. Orbison possessed an iconic persona; his appeal was heavily extended by his loveable persona and his trademark black sunglasses. This Platinum Collection, released by Virgin, is set to appeal to the mass-consumers whilst straying away from the box-set angle, as here is a three-disc collection of Roy's greatest hits.

Every possible hit that you could think of, bar the exceptionally fun Travelling Wilburys releases, are included here. From the intensely angelic powerhouse Crying, the catchy Only The Lonely or the power-riffing spectacular Oh Pretty Woman, Orbison will hook you in and keep you for the collection's entirity. As true testament to the man's popularity, Crying is actually featured twice, with the latter version being a modern cover duet with himself and K.D. Lang. In Dreams harnesses the beauty of Orbison's voice, whilst You Got It is perfect powerhouse mainstream pop.

With three quality discs at a very attractive price, it's hard to argue against purchasing the Platinum Collection for parents, grandparents or kids who think the cutting edge lies with Avril or Busted (and still haven't been beaten up). The death of Roy Orbison was a loss greatly felt amongst the industry, and his niche still lies open, waiting to be filled by someone new.



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