Rolo Tomassi - Cosmology

Back in 2008, Rolo Tomassi made quite a racket with their debut album Hysterics. Having been together since 2005 and generally being touring workhorses since their formation, the band are starting to make a real name for themselves, and Cosmology could be the album that really cements this position. While the previous album was a full-on noise attack the band have roped in the inimitable Diplo (Major Lazer) to produce the current record and while he hasn’t changed the sound as such, he does seem to have rounded the edges a little.

Having said that this is still by no means any less ferocious. Opener ‘Katzenklavier’ draws you in with its slow, drawn-out synths and then rips straight into ‘Agamemnon’ with some thrashy, grindcore-esque guitar-work and the feral bark of vocalist Eva Spence. ‘House House Casanova’ brings in some rather tasty breakdowns while drums fly around intricate guitar lines.

So far this is business as usual for the Sheffield five-piece, but with the stunning ‘Unromance’ the band show off their proggier side, before at the very end Eva demonstrates she’s not always so angry and aggressive with some sickly sweet harmonies. Later on ‘Kasia’ gets all atmospheric with post-rock instrumentalism plus additional swirling synths, and then kicking in with almost goth-sounding keyboards which take everything in a completely different direction. However it’s the title track and closer which is the real highlight. A seven-minute, atmospheric, prog-tinged epic which brings everything to a crashing and triumphant close, this feels like an almighty step forward for the band.

Rolo Tomassi have once again pulled the cat out of the bag and for a band so young this is no mean feat. If they can keep making material of this stunning quality, while retaining that bat-shit ferocity and excitement which flows throughout their best tunes, then these guys are headed for big things.



out of 10
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