Rocco DeLuca - Colourful

Rocco DeLuca - born the son of Bo Diddley's touring guitarist, he spent his youth on the road with his dad, preferring to join in practicing with the band to sleeping in the tour bus. In time, he became a skilled guitar player in his own right, his use of a Dobro steel giving his songs a distinctive quality. After a stint playing in bands in Las Vegas, a demo was passed to IronWorks, the label set up by Kiefer Sutherland.

This single is taken from the album I Trust You To Kill Me, released the other week, and is a twangy, infectious tune with lots of country guitar, harmonica and a catchy little chorus. There are certain shades of Jeff Buckley, but nowhere near the quality.

It is certainly a perky little number, the jazzy guitar playing is good and it is evident that all those years of practice has paid off. However, it is a pretty throw-away little tune, and unlikely to set the charts on fire.



out of 10
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