Robyn with Kleerup - With Every Heartbeat

There's something about Scandanavian songs with "Heartbeat(s)" in the title. Following on from the perfectly formed pop of Annie's Heartbeat and The Knife's Heartbeats comes Robyn's With Every Heartbeat. Here she eschews the quirkiness of much of her self-titled album for a straightforward lyric about relationship death and moving on, set to Kleerup's trancey synths. The result is reminiscent of Madonna on a very good day (as opposed to the Madonna on a very bad day style of thing that Gwen Stefani peddles).

Unfortunately, those hoping for excitement in the remix department are going to be disappointed. My promo CD has six - including one by (Pete) Tong and Spoon, and another by the usually reliable Steve Angello - and they are a uniformly unimaginative bunch.

Still, the original is quite probably the best electronic pop song of the year thus far. Unlike the aforementioned tracks by Annie and The Knife - both criminally ignored by radio programmers and the public - this (should anyone still care about such matters) already looks set to make a huge dent in the charts.



out of 10
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