Robbie Williams - Radio

"Listen to the radio/You will hear the songs you know" croons the Take That survivor on this, the first single to be lifted from his forthcoming Greatest Hits album. It’s a lyric almost designed to ensure the thing gets maximum airplay. Nice one. Cynics will also note that his greatest hits album has different covers for different countries; a move designed to squeeze every last penny out of the die-hard fans. Anyway, on to the song and it's a bit of a strange one. There are strong elements of 'Krautrock' buried within, both in the songs production, rhythm and Mr Williams' odd, stunted delivery. It's very dated, sounding like some weird early 80's throwback but that's probably intentional. There are some very weird keyboard breaks and effects liberally dotted throughout but all the flashy production can't really hide the fact that this is a very average song with a pedestrian chorus and with nothing that really stands out.

Having said that, it's not a bad song, merely average but is it enough to make an impact? It's interesting that the press release that accompanied this little one-track promo spends most of its meager length simply recounting everything he's achieved so far. It's very nice but very dull. That's probably understandable considering it's only a hits album that's released later so he's probably not done an awful lot this year, but there's a sense that this is probably it for Mr Williams; the last stand. This song is OK, and, it has to be said, it's catchy after a listen or two, but you won't remember it after an hour and, at this stage in his career, he really needed to produce something that would make the world gasp. 'Radio' isn't it.

Listen for yourself at Robbie’s own website here



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