Ricochets - The Ghost Of Our Love

'Angst' is a word that springs to mind whilst listening to this album. 'Dark' is another but this is one of those albums that isn't quite so easy to categorise. The 'Ricochets' have had a rather spicy career to date; fighting on stage and splitting up every five minutes seems to have been par for the course up to now, but, just like all the best bands, the tension at the heart of this band shows through in the music and there's a tangible sense of energy attached to the songs.

Musically, 'The Doors' comparisons are inevitable but only because underpinning most of the songs is a rich sounding electric piano but there the comparison must end. This is a very sixties sounding album, but the 'Ricochets' have managed to breath new life into a very tired genre. Title track 'The Ghost Of Our Love' opens with an electronic squeal before melting into a melodic, almost gothic sounding lament over lost love. It shows off Trond Andreasson's fine, raw vocals. It's a sparse track but gives Andreasson a chance to really rip his vocal chords and let rip he does and it sounds mighty fine.

Elsewhere, it's an album that veers between pop, rock and blues very nicely. It's full of little surprises as well - a piano riff echoes a chorus and suddenly transports a song like 'Nobody Around' from rock to blues in a split second. 'Pick Up The Phone' finds the band at their most mellow and interesting, with harsh guitars backed by soft keyboards. It works well but only a fool would claim that the album was held together with anything else than Andreasson's raw and emotional delivery. Although the music is interesting and just different enough to sound fresh, it's Andreasson that really stands out. Listen to something like 'Depressive Side Of Town' is like listening to something Joy Division might have written had they formed in California in the late 60's.

On the whole, this is an interesting and often exciting album. It's dark and depressing, to be sure, but with just enough 'pop-iness' to ensure it never sounds clichéd. Anyone can do depressing, but it takes a genuine artist to make something depressing sound as uplifting as Ricochets manage to. 'Bad Shape' is something of a case in point, it's another ode to lost love but has been given a pure familiar pop sound and melody. This album comes complete with the debut album bundled in as a bonus disc, and as far as bonuses go, you won't get much better. It's more of the same, but sounds slightly rawer and a lot less poppy, and not quite as polished as the second album.

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