Rex The Dog - The Rex The Dog Show

As with producer Richard X, part of Rex the Dog's plan seems to be to resurrect 80s synth pop. You don't get much more 80s than Alison Moyet's bellowing voice (on Bubblicious) or the SAW-style choppy vocal editing on his remix of The Knife's Heartbeats. Rex paints from a somewhat narrower palette, however; he's more concerned with targetting the dancefloor than constructing intricate homages to (or nicking from) the past.

This might not be surprising when - thanks to a spot of Googling - you discover Rex is one Jake Williams. In a previous incarnation, JX, he scored a couple of big, bullish 90s dance hits with Son of a Gun and There's Nothing I Won't Do. Accordingly, The Rex The Dog Show seems to spend a good part of its time mooning at every fashionable trend in dance music since then.

The best thing here is still his brilliantly trashy Heartbeats remix. It's closely followed by Gecko, a typical Rex track in that it just contains one line of vocal repeated over beats and 80s-styled synths. But somehow "Baby, don't you know I live for your touch?" generates some real heat.

While there's repeated evidence that Rex is capable of producing an infectious tune, the album is let down by being rather one note. This dog could do with learning a few new tricks.



out of 10
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