Remi Nicole - My conscience and I

"My conscience and I" is the debut album from Remi Nicole.It's a collection of peaks into the world of London based Remi starting with "Go with the flow" a song which if it was a comic would be called "The origin of Remi Nicole"!
The album is littered with good tracks including a recorded version of debut single "Fed up" with the jazzed up track sounding better for it, "New old days" coming across as Estelle's "1980'"s Indie cousin, as Remi reels off memories from her childhood, recent single "Rock and roll" and anthem for the Summer that never was "Go Mr Sunshine" a song that failed to become the smash hit it deserved due to the UK's piss poor weather.
Remi comes from the same vocal school as Kate Nash and Lily Allen,where they teach a half sung half spoken delivery.That's not to say Remi doesn't have a decent voice as she shows of her ability's on slower tracks like "Lights out" and "Right side of me".
It's not all good as "Tabloid Queen" and "Na nighty" fail to make their mark and old fashioned radio samples littered throughout the album get annoying at times alongside little record scratching noises.However, the album is still a great collection of songs that lets us hear the up's and downs of Remi's life (real or imaginary).
Two of the best tracks come at the end of "My conscience and I" with the bouncy "Dates from hell" my favourite track and a shoe in for a single and the downbeat "Inside of me" ending things nicely with the album drawing it's last breath with the lyrics "I'm so sick of arguing".
December's not a great month to release a debut album as it gets lost amongst the greatest hits collections and festive favourites so hopefully Miss Nicole's record company will give the album a huge push in 2008 as it deserves to be heard by the masses.



out of 10

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