Rekid - Retro Active / 85 Space

Described in the deliciously irresponsible PR release as "Smack House", this pairing keeps the BPM low but the intensity high. Retro Active sees gorgeous, trippy synths weaved between the beats. 85 Space sets the tempo to "just right for shagging", while fucking things up with a time-distorted voice. It's simultaneously beautiful and scary: sex music for K users?

Rekid is another pseudonym for Matt Edwards, who, as Radioslave, has remixed Kylie and Gwen Stefani. He's also responsible for a wonderful (unofficial) remix of Kate Bush's King of the Mountain, which will be familiar to fellow Blue Roomers. In event of that track being unavailable, I suggest sitting back on a comfy sofa, sticking on a pair of headphones, turning this up loud and doing some mad starey-eyed Bez impression.



out of 10
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