Rangda - False Flag

The temptation to call Rangda some sort of avant-rock supergroup is rather overwhelming, especially considering it features Six Organs of Admittance master mind Ben Chasny, Sir Richard Bishop from the awesome Sun City Girls, alongside drummer Chris Corsano who has been known to play with the likes of Sunburned Hand of the Man, Thurston Moore and more recently Bjork. But coming rather out the blue as False Flag has done, this is a promising start for a band that could potentially fulfil the aforementioned tag.

Starting with the bonkers guitar and drums freakout that is ‘Waldorf Hysteria’, you know that this is going to be anything but predictable. Sounding rather like a short burst of Acid Mothers Temple-style frantic fret mangling, it stops abruptly leading into the hypnotic and lulling ‘Bull Lore’. As a dreamy guitar line weaves around the drums, some lovely squealing psych-rock solos come storming out of the cosmos.

‘Fist Family’ showcases some of the chaotic free-jazz drumming which Corsano is known for, alongside some dissonant, high pitched drones from the two guitarists, while ‘Sarcophagi’ slows things down taking a more delicate approach to their song craft. A welcome period of relaxation after the barrage of noise that came previously, and definitely a stand-out track of the album.

By the time the last two tracks come along however, it all starts to sound a little bit familiar. False Flag is certainly not a bad album at all, but it is an album that sounds like three skilled and brilliant musicians trying to find a balance between their respective talents. However with the promise of this being the first in a series of records, consider this as the first of a few exciting, yet tentative steps towards their goal.



out of 10
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