Ramesses - Take The Curse

Since 2003, Ramesses have been creating the kind of down-tuned, sludgy, horror-drenched music that haunts even the most hardened of metal fans. Their dedication to the riff is admirable, but their consistently crushing output is even better. Their last full-length, Misanthropic Alchemy, came out all the way back in 2007 so it’s about time we had another terrifying dose of doom-metal from this Dorset three-piece.

Some typical slow-drawn out riffery signals the start of the record with ‘Iron Crow’, Adam Richardson’s tormented vocals making everything that little bit more evil. The sobbing woman that emerges from the eerie guitar at the beginning of ‘Terrasaw’ signals the start of Ramesses' increasing use of samples and a wider palette of sounds throughout the album and the spaced-out psychedelia that threatened to emerge on previous albums is given a chance to show more of itself.

The restrained, less overpowering moments on the album create a haunting contrast to the more explicitly heavy tracks. ‘Another Skeleton’ has mangled vocal samples and an almost melodic guitar line before Adam’s harsh screams bring everything to a sickening head. Closing track ‘Khali Mist’ envelopes the listener in a smoke-filled haze, a fittingly traditional exercise in slow, doom-laden brilliance complete with epic soloing from Tim Batshaw.

Ramesses have proven with Take the Curse that the Brits can do this kind of thing just as well as anybody else can. They’ve widened their scope and hopefully this will help do the same with their fanbase. This is one nightmare you won't regret remembering come morning.



out of 10
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