Quicksand - Interiors

Sometimes influential bands crash land into the musical landscape and then just as abruptly take off with just enough force and in terms of musical output disappear from view for a long time or disappear completely. Take for example Guns N' Roses who only really released three albums before 1993 and then nothing for the best part of fifteen years until Chinese Democracy in 2008 or Blondie who did zip between The Hunter in 1982 and 1999's No Exit. And now, after a 22-year break, the reformed and rejuvenated Quicksand are back with Interiors.

Quicksand were a major influence in the post-hardcore musical scene, listen to their back catalogue and you can hear where Deftones found their musical edge or where Tool would find their melody. Influence doesn't equate to musical sales though and after 1995 album Manic Depression they decided to call it a day. Interiors has been released with little to no fanfare or media campaign, it simply appeared. Opening tracks 'Illuminat', 'Under The Sea' and 'Warm and Low' clobber you over the head with pounding percussion, opaque guitars and off-kilter rhythms, akin to earlier albums. Missing from these tracks is pace, admittedly pace goes with age, and after 22 years you can't expect for the musicians to be the same spritely bunch we remember from the 90s.

With frontman Walter Schreifels being the leading voice in not just Quicksand but also a multitude of other bands it can't be helped that those other bands influence this record. After these opening three tracks harking back to the musical landscape of Quicksand of old, the mid part of the album is infused with influences from the likes of Rival Schools in songs like 'Cosmonaut'.

Most reunion albums inevitably try and reach the goals and heady heights of days and decades gone by. Interiors as an album, is an odd one out here then. It has the atypical Quicksand sound in part but also invariably shows the ages of the musicians by having life's influences meld with the changed musical landscape of the 20 years since they were at the front of the pack.


The band's that influenced your favourite band are back.


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