Queens Of The Stone Age - Lullabies To Paralyze

There’s a lot riding on this release. The first QOTSA album not to feature the talents of bass player Nick Oliverri and relying entirely on the input of Josh Hommes and a collection various rock ‘n’ roll degenerates including Billy Gibbons, Mark Lanegan and Shirley Manson but what does this collective actually sound like?

Pretty damn good is the answer, but, in sharp contrast to the ultra-fashionable British rock scene of the moment, this album has a heavy, early 70’s feel to it. Think of Black Sabbath circa Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and you’re half way there – just listen to the dirty, stinking riff on ‘Skin On Skin’ Especially on things like the intense Éverybody Knows Your Insane’and the walking, dirty riffs of things like ‘Burn The Witch’ which are two the stand out tracks on offer here. By contrast, single offering ‘Little Sister’was a pedestrian little affair that was catchy enough but failed to make much of an impact after a few listens – there’s much better stuff on the album proper making it worthy of much rejoicing. Songs like ‘In My Head’ chug along like classic QOTSA with a light production that gives it a sort of ‘Free’ (the band) feel.

In short, this is an album that won’t dissapoint. This is a multi-layered, pure rock album that absolutely drips quality. The production is superb, the riffs heavy as an oily engine sitting on your lawn and, while it might not be so immediate as the last couple of albums, this is one that will grow on you like a wart. The immediacy of songs like ‘Little Sister’ will soon fall by the wayside as the delicate construction of things like ‘Someone’s In The Wolf’will slowly start to make perfect pop sense. A great album from one of the great rock acts of our time.



out of 10
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