PVT - Church With No Magic

Although their recent name change might sound like something worthy of an emergency appointment at a sexual health clinic, Australian electronica trio PVT (formerly Pivot) have taken a leaf out of MGMT’s book in order to pacify an American band of the same name who challenged them for rights, and err, won. Nevertheless, it seems that the Aussie threesome have had the last laugh, using their lack of vowels for the same effect as a new edgy haircut. This time though, PVT have decided to do a Britney and go for a number one all over, stripping themselves back to the bare-bone of experimental electro, and unlocking the plaid shackles the word ‘indie’ has shudderingly placed upon the musical world in the process. The result is studio album number two, Church With No Magic, a record that will turn your ears 180 degrees at its melodic offerings, leaving your senses stranded at the altar in some hallowed cathedral.

In fact, it's opener ‘Community’ that sets this choir-ed tone. With its distant reverberation that matches the acoustics of any stone-built place of worship, it provides a euphoric electro litany that you’d expect to only find on a hymn sheet in a Church of narcosis. PVT’s post-rock attitudes also trickles through into this record, lending itself to tenderised synths that seem to have spent a perfected amount of time grilling on the electronica Barbie. The same perfected well-done effort can be heard in tracks such as ‘Light Up Bright Fires’ and ‘Circle of Friends’, where Animal Collective’s vocal obscurities and fragmented beats join forces with the synthesisers, adding to a progressive trance that manages to distil essences of both synth-rock and progressive-electro into a rather expensive spirit (like the kind you’d find in Waitrose).

It’s this aural disjointedness throughout Church With No Magic that produces an ironically rhythmic outcome, proving not only PVT’s ability as progressive leaders in the world of electronica, but also their talent of being able to twizzle almost every knob imaginable.



out of 10

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