Prefuse 73 - Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian

Forty-nine minutes. Twenty-nine tracks. Yes, that's right: forty-nine minutes (48:38 for the pedantic) and twenty-nine tracks. Hence nearly every "track" sounds like nothing more than a clip found on another Warp artist's recording studio floor. Trust me; scooping the hair from a barber's shop floor and stuffing it inside your CD player would probably result in a noise just as involving.

While previous album Preparations included an early airing for the currently hot School of Seven Bells, there is nothing so distinguishing here. Like a man with ADD, Prefuse 73 (a.k.a. Guillermo S. Herren) jumps from random idea to random idea (each labelled with a pretentious title), creating a jumble of electronica and hip-hop beats which may occasionally - very occasionally - induce brief toe-tapping or wobbling from side to side. There are certainly no concessions to the casual listener and quite probably none to anyone who can't see the emperor's new clothes.



out of 10
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